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Welcome to Leka Systems – Conservatory Roof Replacement


The soon to be patented Leka System is the only GRP solid conservatory roof system on the Global market today.


The JHAI approved Leka System is a truly lightweight, tiled, solid conservatory roof system (no smoke screens) and with an overall U value of 0.15 it currently dominates our marketplace.

We do not brand the new LEKA System as a lightweight energy efficient roof system, without having the facts to back it up, whilst more traditional products/materials actually weigh nearly double that of a traditional glass conservatory roof and have lower U values.

Do not just take our word for it, compare the facts?

Frequently Asked Questions i.e. Do I need to have building regulations? Answers on our FAQs page

  • Fitted in 2/3 Days

  • Lightweight

  • Cost Effective

  • Energy Efficient

  • JHAI Approved

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • UK Installation Network


Developed, tested and perfected in-house by our team of designers and engineers, the ‘Leka System’ is a solid, conservatory roof system that delivers.

The design of the Leka Roof outperforms as well as outlast common glass and polycarbonate roofing systems. It’s so good it has been approved by JHAI, the approved building inspector licensed by the Government, and the patent-pending technologies lead the way for innovation in the industry.

If you have a glazed or polycarbonate roofing system on your conservatory, you may find the space too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The reason for this is poor roof insulation. It is also common for homeowners to find glare in the winter and summer unbearable. The Leka System solves both these issues with proper insulation set into a solid, tiled conservatory roof. This creates a more usable space year-round.

The Leka, tiled conservatory roof is far superior to competitor systems. It delivers the performance, efficiency and longevity of your normal roof, and crucially, a material match. You can have a concrete effect or slate effect tile in a wide range of colours.

An advantage to our lightweight conservatory roof has over the competition is it is JHAI approved, which allows building applications to be fast-tracked in most cases. This speeds up the build and is one of the reasons why installers love our system.

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